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Shoe Cleaning Kit Black


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Everything you need to care for your black shoes

A brush and a bit of polish suffice for solid, basic leather shoe care. But what if the leather sole starts letting in water, someone spills red wine on your shoe, or you discover small scratches in the upper? We assembled this professional, premium shoe cleaning kit so that you can thoroughly care for your black shoes, no matter what happens. It contains everything you need to treat the issues outlined above, and much more. We also took care to only include the very best of the best, with a focus on natural, sustainable ingredients. From gentle balsam turpentine in the shoe polish, to the oils and waxes in the shoe cream that restore fat to leather, to the soft, hand-threaded cashmere goat hair bristles in the premium polishing brush, to the German woods used for the other brushes’ heads and handles, these products do not contain questionable chemical ingredients. Instead, they rely on natural ingredients and traditional craftsmanship to perfectly care for your shoes.

This kit of sophisticated products will not only leave your black shoes looking perfect, but also contains everything you need to be able to enjoy your footwear for a very long period of time. No matter how expensive a shoe may be, without the proper care, its shelf life is very limited. This black shoe cleaning kit consists of the following products:

1 polishing cloth. This square, 30 x 30 cm cloth can be used to apply the shoe cream and polish. It can also be used to polish shoes to a high shine.
1 Burgol shoe cream (black). This jar of premium mixed emulsion will revive the colors of even the most faded and dried-out smooth leather shoes, restoring their satiny gleam in the process. Waxes and oils replenish the fats in the leather, penetrating deep into its structure and restoring lost nutrients. Finally, natural color pigments vividly revive the leather’s color.
1 Burgol palm wax shoe polish (black). A premium shoe polish made using a 90-year-old recipe. It contains balsam turpentine and natural waxes that bring shoes to a beautiful high shine once they are polished. The carnuba palm wax it contains also has a water-repellent effect.
1 applicator brush (dark). This applicator brush, which resembles a paintbrush in design, can be used in combination with a cotton cloth to apply polish to shoe uppers. It is particularly well suited for leather with a strong structure, and reaches parts of the shoe that are difficult to access (which a cloth cannot reach). Made in Germany from German beechwood.
1 welt brush (dark). A premium welt brush is an indispensable part of every shoe care product collection. This is the only tool that enables you to care for the space between the shoe sole and welt, an area that is subjected to heavy wear. Fitted with fine horsehair bristles and a beechwood handle, this brush is very long-lasting.
1 polishing brush (black). This Solitaire horsehair brush is best suited for pre-cleaning leather uppers. Use it to remove dust and coarse soiling from shoe leather — if these are not removed before care products are applied, small scratches in the leather will result.
1 goat hair brush (dark). This Burgol goat hair brush is a hand-threaded, quality product made from the fine, dense hairs of free-ranging cashmere goats. This premium polishing brush removes dust as well as excess shoe polish. It leaves behind a protective layer on the shoe upper with a particularly smooth feel, high shine, and dirt-repellent effect.
1 leather sole protector (125 ml). Leather soles on shoes are subjected to moisture as well as road salt and gravel in the winter, which can cause them to quickly become brittle. Burgol leather sole protector prevents them from wearing out prematurely by saturating the leather, reducing wear and tear, and increasing water-repelling capabilities.
1 shoe cleaner (125 ml). This Burgol shoe cleaner gently removes soiling as well as salt and perspiration stains from all types of smooth leather and suede. It also disinfects leather, reduces odor, and balances the material’s pH. You can use this shoe cleaner to clean the shaft as well as the inside of your shoe.
1 sole edge dressing (black). The soles and heels of shoes are the parts of footwear that are subjected to the greatest wear and tear while the wearer is standing and walking. Bumping against objects can cause the color to wear off; this can also can occur through simple everyday wear. Sole edge dressing restores color perfectly.
1 repair paste (black). Small scrapes form on leather shoes due to everyday wear; for example, when you coming into contact with pebbles, stair edges, or fellow pedestrians. You can use this Famaco repair paste to remove small-scale scratching without leaving a trace.
1 pair spare shoelaces (black). If your shoelaces tear, you can reach for this pair of black spare laces.

When you purchase the black shoe cleaning set, you save approximately 18% compared to the price of purchasing these premium products individually.

Crafted by a master. Worn by an Expert.



Each day, the best cobblers in Hungary only make about 25 pairs of Dinkelacker shoes in our Budapest factory: This is one of them. As a result, Germany’s most exclusive men’s shoe brand is only available in limited qualities, from selected retailers or here in our online shop.



Only the most sophisticated materials are used to make hand-crafted Heinrich Dinkelacker footwear. Moreover, each shoe spends six whole days on a last in our factory. This pays off for wearers, ensuring extreme durability and magnificent fidelity to fit that put this footwear in a league of its own.



Heinrich Dinkelacker has gone further towards defining the Budapester than any other shoe brand. Some of our lasts have been in use for over 60 years. Our shoes feature striking and unique details that make them instantly recognisable to insiders, from top managers of stock-listed enterprises through to Berlin-based hipsters.

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