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Shoe Polish Set Dark Brown

Shoe Polish Set Dark Brown

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1 Shoe Polishing Cloth. This square shoe polishing cloth measures 30 x 30 centimetres and is used to apply shoe cream and shoe wax to the shoe upper. Alternatively, it can be used to polish the shoe.

1 Burgol Shoe Cream in mid brown. This jar of high-quality mixed emulsion brightens faded, dried-out smooth leather shoes and restores satiny shine. Oils and waxes restore lipids to the shoe leather and refurbish it with depleted nutrients, while natural colour pigments impressively revive leather colour.

1 Burgol Shoe Polish in dark brown. A premium shoe polish made using a 90-year-old recipe. It contains turpentine balsam and natural waxes, which, when the polish is buffed into the shoe, create a beautiful high shine. Further it also contains carnauba palm wax for a waterproofing effect.

1 Horsehair Brush – dark. This polishing brush features fine, dark horsehair bristles—perfect for polishing your shoe upper to a fabulous shine. The brush’s secure non-slip wooden handle is made of German beech gathered from the Black Forest.

1 Sole Edge Dressing in dark brown. The shoe sole and heel accumulate the most wear and tear through everyday use, i.e., walking and standing. The colour on these parts of the shoe easily flakes off—for example, when you bump your shoe against something. Sole edge dressing lets you restore sole and heel colour.

1 Pair Replacement Shoe Laces in dark brown. We have included a bonus pair of dark brown replacement laces in case your shoe laces ever tear.

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