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In celebration of our anniversary secure yourself a handcrafted, "Made in Europe" luxury shoe at a unique Kickstarter special price.

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The Silver Edition

When company founder Heinrich Dinkelacker first opened the doors to his own shoe business in the tranquil town of Sindelfingen in 1879, he could hardly have imagined this would lay the foundations for a shoemaking tradition that would endure for centuries. To this day, Heinrich Dinkelacker's men's shoes still represent masterpieces of craftsmanship that meet the very highest of standards. Celebrate Heinrich Dinkelacker's 140th birthday with our very limited Silver Edition and secure one of these rare works of footwear art for a unique Kickstarter preferential price.

The Campaign’s Price Advantage

At first, the Silver Edition will only be available on Kickstarter. And this is the only place you will be able to benefit from the exceptional preferential price offered for these masterpieces of craftsmanship. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, sales, warehousing and retailer costs are eliminated. Only here and now are you able to save up to 44% . All orders that we receive for our Silver Edition shoes during this Kickstarter phase, we will of course honor and fulfill these orders. The limit on the number of certificates will be adjusted at the end of the campaign.

The Collection

For our anniversary collection we have concentrated on the finest of the best. The upper leather: dark blue Cordovan from Horween in Chicago. The sole: the finest Rendenbach leather from southern Germany. In addition, there is subtle silver detailing such as the characteristic nails in the sole or the brass toe tap. For the first time, the braided welt is also silver, adding a unique touch. The anniversary logo and anniversary lettering on the sole round off the distinctiveness of this special collection. Hand-punched welts. 300 work steps. Ten hours of pure craftsmanship per shoe. Slow fashion. There is no greater workmanship.

Each model in this strictly limited Special Edition will be delivered in a special edition box and bag with a certificate as of October 2019.

Luzern Captoe C

The Business Classic

Traditional Hungarian shoemaking and luxurious Horween Cordovan leather create a masterful combination in this sewn-welted men's shoe. The glossy Shell Cordovan is not only extremely supple, it also captivates with its high fat content and resulting water-repellent properties. The hard-wearing double sole made of Rendenbach leather, together with the set of six silver-colored nails and the brass toe tap, supports the sturdiness of this high-quality shoe. Made on the Luzern, an elegant last based on an English basic form. Characteristic features are the elongated basic shape and pointed tip, which together provide a comfortable G width.

Rio Full Brogue C

The Casual Classic

For over 60 years, the Rio last with its rounded basic shape has been the backbone of the Heinrich Dinkelacker collection. The Cordovan upper leather transforms this traditional classic shoe into luxury footwear suitable for everyday use. Its traditional lyra perforations are complemented by the tried and tested triple sole, the tip of which is reinforced with a brass metal sole protector. Both this and the characteristic set of six nails are silver-colored, in keeping with this special edition. The Rio offers a G width.

Rio Full Brogue STA

The Silver Splendor

A glossy, silver, mirrored effect transforms this Rio into an extraordinary anniversary shoe. The premium calfskin leather has been meticulously hand-brushed by our master shoemakers to achieve this exquisite shine. The rich adornment on the upper edges and the beautifully shaped rosette on the toe cap underline the dynamic character of this famous men's shoe model. The robust triple sole is complemented with a set of six silver-colored nails and a brass tip. The model offers a G width.

Rio Full Brogue C+

The Extravagant Touch

A sewn-welted, full-brogue Derby with a special touch. Exquisite Shell Cordovan adorns the shaft, which is decorated with detailed lyra perforations. The highlight: a silver shimmer appears from beneath the decorative holes. Created by hand on the Rio last, its silver braided welt is particularly striking. Although typical for the Buda last, this braiding is now also available on the Rio as part of the Silver Edition. Such braided craftsmanship is still only available at Dinkelacker. The robust triple sole promises durability and comfort thanks to the 66 silver-colored brass pins together with the integrated metal sole protector. This model has a comfortable G width.

The Extras

Two pairs of shoelaces

Exclusive sterling silver key ring

Crafted by a master. Worn by an Expert.

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