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Full-Brogue AZ

Buda Full-Brogue AZ

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Art.-No.: 4397-3224
Meticulously Double-Stitched Men’s shoes, made using the double-stitching production method, are striking and sporty. The welt seam runs around the bottom of the shoe.
Completely Handcrafted Handcrafted perfection: Each pair of shoes goes through 300 work steps, from cutting the leather through to applying the finishing touches.
Boot Featuring a shaft that extends far above the ankle, sophisticated boots provide protection from cold and wet weather, particularly during the winter season.
Arizona An elaborate embossing gives this calfskin leather its intriguing finish. Thanks to a final-stage, oil-based treatment, the leather develops a fascinating pull-up effect over time.
Buda Last – Width G For decades, the Buda last has been used to make typical budapesters. It is rounded at the front to ensure the utmost wearing comfort.
Triple Sole with Rubber Lug Tread Two flexible leather midsoles and a water-repellent outsole with a rubber lug tread guarantee unique durability, comfort and lasting quality — perfect for cold, wet conditions.
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These handcrafted, double-stitched men's boots from Heinrich Dinkelacker promise both a striking look and the utmost comfort. The traditional basic cut with its open Derby lacing is given an innovative twist thanks to the embossed calfskin. The intricate detailing on the shaft edges, as well as the toe and heel caps, is firmly rooted in the tradition of this footwear, once worn by the Irish and Scottish inhabitants of the swampy highlands.

At that time, the punched leather uppers served to better allow any water that had seeped into the shoes to be removed. Today, the celebrated brogues are primarily aesthetic yet remain an indispensable feature of classic men's shoes. Thanks to the sturdy triple sole with its non-slip rubber lug tread, these double-stitched men's boots guarantee exceptional stability even in wet and slippery conditions.

Without Haste. Slow Fashion.

Today, as 140 years ago, only around 25 pairs of shoes are made each day. 300 work steps completed by hand and the finest materials, selected according to the principle that a premium shoe is made from premium components, define the difference between expensive and valuable.

Crafted by a master. Worn by an Expert.



Each day, only about 25 pairs of Dinkelacker shoes are made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen: this is one of them. As a result, Germany’s most exclusive men’s shoe brand is only available in limited qualities, from selected retailers or here in our online shop.



Only the most sophisticated materials are used to make hand-crafted Heinrich Dinkelacker footwear. Moreover, each shoe spends six whole days on a last in our factory. This pays off for wearers, ensuring extreme durability and magnificent fidelity to fit that put this footwear in a league of its own.



Heinrich Dinkelacker has gone further towards defining the Budapester than any other shoe brand. Some of our lasts have been in use for over 60 years. Our shoes feature striking and unique details that make them instantly recognisable to insiders, from top managers of stock-listed enterprises through to Berlin-based hipsters.