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Plain J

Miami Plain J

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Meticulously Sewn-Welted Sewn-welted shoes are distinguished by their narrow heel construction. The front of the heel is stitched from the inside out, and the heel is nailed into place.
Completely Handcrafted Handcrafted perfection: Each pair of shoes goes through 300 work steps, from cutting the leather through to applying the finishing touches.
Boat Shoe This lightweight slip-on shoe is distinguished by a U-shaped vamp insert and a leather cord threaded around the opening at the top.
Greased Nubuck This waterproofed, greased nubuck develops a sporty look over time. Thanks to its high fat content, it is particularly impervious to soiling and moisture.
Miami Last – Width G The classic last for boat shoes is defined by its comfortable width.
Double Sole featuring Rubber Lug Tread The flexible leather midsole is reinforced by a water-repellent outsole with a rubber lug tread. This double sole ensures comfort and durability — ideal for cold, wet conditions.
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A classic sailor’s shoe: Presenting a handcrafted nubuck boat shoe, a seafaring addition to our collection that is also suitable for land. While boat shoes were once limited to nautical wear, these famous slip-on shoes have long since won over landlubbers as well. Thanks to their particularly flexible construction, they are perennial favourites for sophisticated leisurewear.

This beloved slip-on shoe is known for its U-shaped vamp insert as well as the drawstring closure at the top of its shaft. Boat shoes such as this one feature a long strip of leather that acts as a shoelace, threaded around the opening at the top of the shaft and ending in three sets of eyelets placed atop the stitched-on quarters.

This model’s upper consists of nubuck in a warm brown tone that has been greased and submitted to a waterproofing treatment — a perfect complement to the shoe’s nautical design. Meanwhile, a double leather outsole, a robust rubber lug sole and a roomy overall width ensure wearing comfort. The sophisticated materials used to make this shoe were meticulously assembled by master cobblers in our Budapest factory. The result: a premium men’s shoe boasting all the benefits of traditional expert craftsmanship.

From holiday strolls to standard weekend wear, this classic boat shoe is a charming choice with a sporty, leisurely look. It is easy to put on and take off, too.

Without Haste. Slow Fashion.

Today, as 140 years ago, only around 25 pairs of shoes are made each day. 300 work steps completed by hand and the finest materials, selected according to the principle that a premium shoe is made from premium components, define the difference between expensive and valuable.

Crafted by a master. Worn by an Expert.



Each day, only about 25 pairs of Dinkelacker shoes are made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen: this is one of them. As a result, Germany’s most exclusive men’s shoe brand is only available in limited qualities, from selected retailers or here in our online shop.



Only the most sophisticated materials are used to make hand-crafted Heinrich Dinkelacker footwear. Moreover, each shoe spends six whole days on a last in our factory. This pays off for wearers, ensuring extreme durability and magnificent fidelity to fit that put this footwear in a league of its own.



Heinrich Dinkelacker has gone further towards defining the Budapester than any other shoe brand. Some of our lasts have been in use for over 60 years. Our shoes feature striking and unique details that make them instantly recognisable to insiders, from top managers of stock-listed enterprises through to Berlin-based hipsters.