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Plain V

Milano Plain V

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Meticulously Sewn-Welted Sewn-welted shoes are distinguished by their narrow heel construction. The front of the heel is stitched from the inside out, and the heel is nailed into place.
Completely Handcrafted Handcrafted perfection: Each pair of shoes goes through 300 work steps, from cutting the leather through to applying the finishing touches.
Plain Derby An undecorated classic men’s shoe with open lacing and wing-shaped quarters on top of the vamp.
Soft Calfskin Velours The calfskin used here distinguishes itself from typical velours in terms of its quality. It is light and comfortable to wear, easy to care for, and can be brushed and washed.
Milano Last – Width G The Milano last is distinguished by its narrow form. It has a sleek and elegant shape.
Double Sole with Set of 3 Nails A flexible leather midsole and a leather outsole made by the renowned Rendenbach tannery guarantee comfort and durability — supported by a set of three nails.
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This subtly decorated, classic shoe is a perennially popular Derby with open five-eyelet lacing. Only its quarters feature delicate Lyra perforation. Meanwhile, the material used to make the upper — soft calf velours — lends the shoe a modern look and feel.

Unlike conventional velours, calf velours is taken from cow leather that has not been split (full cow leather), whereby the grain is processed on the outside. Calfskin velours can be easily brushed and wiped clean with a moist cloth, making this full-leather shoe suitable for wear under poor weather conditions. This model has also been made using a gently tapering last, making it a perfect choice for gentlemen with average-width or narrow feet.

Incidentally, no lesser personage than Edward VIII was the first to combine a suede shoe with a suit, thereby freeing the former purely leisure shoe from its previously rather limiting dress code restrictions. The shoe lovers of today can pair this sewn-welted, handcrafted Derby in soft calf velours with modern business attire as well as with jeans or chino trousers for leisure activities.

The Derby is available in the colours ‘Espresso’ and ‘Grigio’.

Without Haste. Slow Fashion.

Today, as 140 years ago, only around 25 pairs of shoes are made each day. 300 work steps completed by hand and the finest materials, selected according to the principle that a premium shoe is made from premium components, define the difference between expensive and valuable.

Crafted by a master. Worn by an Expert.



Each day, only about 25 pairs of Dinkelacker shoes are made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen: this is one of them. As a result, Germany’s most exclusive men’s shoe brand is only available in limited qualities, from selected retailers or here in our online shop.



Only the most sophisticated materials are used to make hand-crafted Heinrich Dinkelacker footwear. Moreover, each shoe spends six whole days on a last in our factory. This pays off for wearers, ensuring extreme durability and magnificent fidelity to fit that put this footwear in a league of its own.



Heinrich Dinkelacker has gone further towards defining the Budapester than any other shoe brand. Some of our lasts have been in use for over 60 years. Our shoes feature striking and unique details that make them instantly recognisable to insiders, from top managers of stock-listed enterprises through to Berlin-based hipsters.