Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish

Dark Brown


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Color: Dark Brown

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Preis je 100 ml: 22,54 €

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Cordovan leather, also known as Shell Cordovan or horsehide, is generally considered the most luxurious and durable leather used to make high-quality shoes. This lustrous horse leather is characterized by a particularly dense surface and a distinctive sheen that reveals its origin at first glance to connoisseurs. Specifically adapted to the needs of this exquisite leather, this Cordovan Cream from traditional French brand Saphir Médaille d'Or revitalizes the color, nourishes the leather, and preserves its unique shine.

Before using, first remove dust and coarse dirt from the leather using a cleaning cloth or brush. Then spread the beeswax-based Cordovan Cream sparingly over the upper leather of your shoes using an applicator brush or cloth. Allow the product to dry before polishing the surface with a polishing brush until you have achieved the desired level of shine.

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