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Preis je 100ml: 9,50€

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Burgol suede cleaner is an outstanding, eco-friendly waterproofing agent that perfectly treats suede. Since suede and nubuck are among the most sophisticated types of leather, they require thorough care. Generally speaking, shoes made from these materials should only be worn when there’s no precipitation outside — these leathers feature open pores that cause them to act like sponges and absorb large quantities of water and soiling.

As a result, shoes made from nubuck and suede require more intensive care, as well as waterproofing. Instead of simply being brushed, they should be regularly treated with Burgol suede cleaner. This protects suede and nubuck shoes from becoming soiled again, and minimizes the leather’s capacity to absorb moisture.

Burgol suede cleaner prevents soiling, revives color, and protects your shoes from moisture damage. A sponge applicator at the top of the plastic bottle allows you to apply the cleaner precisely to nubuck or suede.

Burgol suede cleaner comes in 100 ml bottles, and is available in nine different colors: black, brown, dark brown, light brown, gray, green, blue, red and colorless.