Sole Edge Dressing

Dark Brown


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Color: Dark Brown

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Preis je 100ml: 19,80€

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The soles of your shoes and their edges are subjected to intensive wear and tear. They protrude all around your shoe, which means they are the first to be affected when your shoe bumps against something. This causes their color to fade, and, as a result, the color of the shoe as whole no longer looks optimally uniform. Famaco has developed sole edge dressing to treat this issue: Simply apply it to the edges of the soles and the heels of your shoes.

Famaco sole edge dressing comes in a 25 ml bottle complete with foam applicator. Press lightly to fill the foam applicator with color, then use it like a thick pen to paint the edges of your shoe soles. This easy color treatment restores a uniform, pleasing look to your footwear. Famaco sole edge dressing also protects against wear and tear, and has a water-repellent effect as well.

Famaco sole edge dressing comes in 25 ml bottles with foam applicators.