Saphir Polishing Glove


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Polishing the upper leather is considered the final step in any care routine and, with this polishing glove from French company Saphir Médaille d'Or, your high-quality shoes are guaranteed a fabulous shine. The lambswool used is particularly reliable for creating this lustrous sheen - thanks to its softness, this pure, natural material can produce a mirror-smooth finish in no time at all. This polishing glove from traditional French brand Saphir is also visually appealing and, above all, extremely practical. The outside is made from a piece of soft calfskin and is fitted with a snap fastening that allows it to be wrapped into a handy, convenient roll. This makes the polishing glove particularly suitable for use while traveling and out on the road, ensuring your looks are always complemented by a brilliantly polished upper leather.

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