Applicator Brush with Wild Boar Bristles



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This applicator brush from Saphir Médaille d'Or guarantees a particularly effective shoe care routine. Thanks to the fine boar bristles, those hard-to-reach and sometimes narrow areas, such as where the sole meets the shoe and the welt itself, can also be well maintained. With its slender shape, the Spatula Brush is able to easily reach the parts of the shoe that most frequently collect dirt and other debris. The brush is made of a high-quality Bubinga wood, which has been additionally waxed by hand. This strong, exotic wood has a particularly heavy feel, making it especially comfortable to hold. The back of the applicator brush has a stylish, gold-embossed logo that makes it clear at first glance it is from Saphir Médaille d'Or; widely regarded as one of the best shoe-care collections in the world.

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