Rio Full Brogue AZ


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As a true legend among classic men's shoes, the elaborately handcrafted full-brogue Derby on the Rio last looks back on a long tradition at Heinrich Dinkelacker. After all, the extremely comfortable shoe last shape has been convincing for more than 60 years in our exquisite range and forms the basis for the classic Budapest shoe with robust triple outsole.

Characteristic are the strikingly embossed calfskin and the opulent lyre perforation, which make a statement for classic style consciousness. The elaborate decoration of the upper part edges as well as the toe and heel cap originally goes back to the footwear of Irish and Scottish inhabitants of the swampy highlands, who could dry their softened shoes with the punched upper leather more easily. In the course of time, these brogues became an adornment and are today an indispensable element of classic men's shoes. The double-sewn lace-up shoe for men with a sturdy rubber outsole is striking and sporty – a versatile companion for both modern business attire and sophisticated leisure outfits.