Heinrich Dinkelacker Zedernholz Schuhspanner


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For a long shoe life: This premium, full shoe tree for men's shoes from Heinrich Dinkelacker is made of high-quality cedar wood. It maintains the fit of the shoe and wicks away moisture, thus preventing unpleasant odors from developing. Without a full shoe tree, leather can contract during drying and lose its original shape. A top-end shoe tree with a decorative brass badge!For a perfect fitting shoe tree, choose one size smaller than your shoe size. Therefore, a size 8 tree will usually fit a size 9 shoe. For models created on the Luzern or Janosh K lasts, please choose the same size as your shoe.The red cedar is a high-quality natural product. For this reason, your shoe trees may exhibit signs of small holes in the worked wood during the drying phase, or even cracks. The same applies to a light white coating on the wood. Should this occur, there is no need to worry. The wood gets its wonderful scent from the essential oil thujaplicin, which crystallizes and is then sometimes released. You can remove the crystals without problem using a cloth or very fine sandpaper.

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